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Enrique A. Mesri, Ph.D.

Current Research Interests
My lab, consistently funded since 1995 by NIH R01s (NIAID and NCI) has made major contributions to KSHV and AIDS-KS basic and translational research including:
a) The first isolation and transmission of KSHV showing that was a B-cell tropic virus
b) The identification of the viral G protein coupled receptor (vGPCR) as a major KSHV oncogene; an activator of VEGF-mediated angiogenesis and immortalization, and a target for therapy
c) The development of mouse models of KSHV-induced Kaposi’s sarcoma
d) The development a transgenic model of ROS-driven KS
e) The identification of novel therapeutic opportunities for KS chemoprevention and treatment such as antioxidants, sugar analogs and combination of proteasome with HDAC inhibitors
f) Proposing the paracrine oncogenesis hypothesis that explain how KSHV lytically infected cells participate in KS pathogenesis by paracrine activation of latently infected cell proliferation and angiogenesis
g) The identification of PDGFRA as an oncogenic driver and therapeutic target in KS (Submitted).
h) The development of stem cell KSHV infection as in vitro/ in vivo model of KS tumorigenesis (curr. R01)

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