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Suresh Pallikkuth, Ph.D.

Current Research Interests
I am currently investigating the immunologic mechanisms that are involved in protective immune response to Influenza vaccines in aging and HIV infection. Furthermore, we are studying the mechanisms of immune dysfunction in aging and HIV infection using non-human primate models of HIV infection in collaboration with Emory University and Vaccine Research Center at NIH. In a related study, I am performing transcriptomic analysis using RNA-seq and Fluidigm Biomark based approaches in collaboration with Case Western University for identifying gene signatures that are predictive of the vaccination outcome and that could provide insight into approaches to improve the immunologic outcomes in HIV and aging. My research interests also include IL-21 based immunomodulatory approaches in SIV infection to improve the immune function and vaccine responses by modulating T follicular helper (Tfh) and B cell function. I am also involved in the HIV remission research strategies in which I am investigating the role of T follicular helper cells in the peripheral blood and lymph nodes from HIV infected virologically suppressed patients on cART in contributing to HIV persistence and viral reservoirs. In another related study, I am also involved in identifying the cellular reservoirs of HIV infection in the circulation that contribute to viral rebound at post-treatment interruption using phylogenetic analysis of HIV in collaboration with Dr. Stevenson. Furthermore, I am also collaborating with investigators from SCCC to study the role of inflammation and immune dysfunction in HIV infected patients diagnosed with anal dysplasia and polyps. These studies will further understand the role of epigenetic mechanisms in regulating inflammation at the gut mucosal sites.

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